NLP Senior Researcher

Israel, Herzliya / Job ID: F9.C1F


We are looking for an enthusiastic, talented NLP researcher to join our professional Analytics Research team. You will help build, design and evolve our industry-leading Customer Engagement solutions. 

Verint Interaction Analytics enables organizations to proactively identify trends, themes, and the root causes driving customer behavior. Our solutions can automatically categorize, identify trends, and perform root cause analysis on and -based communications - according to organization’s unique objectives and challenges.

Armed with this insight, the organization can take specific actions to help improve performance, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences. 

Verint’s proven, powerful Interaction Analytics solutions can help organizations listen, analyze, and act on the of the customer. 



  • Research and development of state of the art NLP based solutions. 
  • Pushing the state of the art NLP based capabilities forward, to provide analytical solutions to product users. 
  • You will be engaged and working on other Interaction Analytics agendas including big data algorithms and machine learning technologies.


  • M.Sc\Ph.D in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning technologies, Deep Learning, AI.
  • Experience in (general) deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Pytorch. 
  • Proven experience and deep understanding of NLP Technologies.
  • High skills for creating, writing and understanding the algorithmic code. 
  • Strong programming skills. Ability to deliver end to end algorithmic solution from experiment to production.
  • Enjoys experiment tests and results analysis, high understanding and diving into existing code.
  • Knowledge of Windows and Linux.
  • Ability to collaborate with bigger teams and excellent communication skills. 
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