Security Researcher

Israel, Herzliya / Job ID: D8.706


ACE Labs (Verint innovation center) is looking for an accomplished Security Researcher to take part in the research, design, and implementation of complex security solutions.

We are offering a unique opportunity to take part in a new product house within Verint’s growing cyber surveillance business.

As a researcher in this product house, you will utilize low-level coding skills, reverse engineering, binary & protocol analysis (both static and dynamic) as well as reading and analyze security publications to turn your ideas into products deployed on consumer production environments.


  • 4+ years of experience in security research and product development
  • B.Sc in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Mathematics or military security research course graduate
  • Extensive knowledge of C/C++/Assembly, as well as Python/Perl or similar scripting languages
  • Experience using gdb/WinDbg/OllyDbg/IDA and similar tools for research and binary modifications
  • Working knowledge of code injection, function hooking and detour techniques
  • In-depth theoretical understanding and hands-on experience in TCP/IP, networking protocols and equipment


  • Understanding of the inner workings of industry standard cryptography and their implementations
  • Experience performing hands-on penetration testing and security assessments
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