Web Security Research

Hiring manager: Nir Lieber

Israel, Herzliya / Job ID: 9E.21F


ACE Labs is a cutting-edge innovation center, delivering sophisticated security and intelligence solutions designed to enable a safer world. We focus on the prevention and neutralization of crime and terror threats using the most advanced technology.


What you'll do:

·         Research and exploit web application vulnerabilities

·         Reverse Engineer mobile Java applications

·         Reverse Engineer proprietary network protocols

·         Engage in a “battle of wits” with security experts from the world's leading online service providers

What you'll need:

·         5 years’ experience as a web security researcher

·         Work experience in web application vulnerabilities research and exploitation (Authentication and Authorization bypass, XSS, XXE, SSRF and more)

·         Hands-on experience in reverse engineering of Java Applications

·         Experience in reverse engineering proprietary network protocols

·         Hands-on experience with Fiddler\Burp\MitM Proxy and Wireshark

·         Deep understanding of network protocols such as DHCP, TCP/IP, SSL, etc

·         Experience in Python and JS or similar Web technology stacks

·         Hands-on experience working with Linux operating system

Great to have:

·         IDF Shefa/Silan/MAHA course graduate

·         OSCP/OSCE/OSWE course graduate

  • ·         Development experience in multiple OSs (PC and Mobile) and platforms
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